Indian Diecasting Industries
Indian Diecasting Industries
ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh
Duplicating ComponentsParko Bath Room Fittings Die CastAuto Locks Die
Company Profile
We manufacture fully finished diecast components in Aluminum & Zinc based alloys by developing dies in our own captive modern tool room within 100 microns general tolerance in complex shapes and designs with minimal porosity, hardware surface finish & wall thickness less than 1 mm with practically no limits in areas of angularity, perpendicularity, concentricity, centre distances, parallelism, run outs and eccentricity. We go as low as 50 microns or below in critical areas.

Since our inception in 1965 we have fabricated more than 1000 highly sophisticated Dies and sold millions of diecast components to renowned manufacturers of Aluminium And Zinc Die Cast Components, Aluminium Diecast Metal Clad Plug And Socket, Customized Aluminum Zinc Zamak Die Cast, Aluminium Die Casting Component, Aluminum For, Electrical Conduit Fittings, Automobile Zinc Diecast Part, Decorative Lighting, Bath Room Fittings Customer: Parko, Two Wheelers 01, Industrial Equipments, Fuel Pump, Decorative Lightings, Oil Pump Parts, Lock Barrels, Metal Component, Machine Component, Bath Room Fittings Customer: Roca, Engine Parts (Lombardini & Mitsubishi), Auto Electricals, Auto Locks, Snaps Developed Parts, Duplicating Machines, Electric Switchgear, Electro Cardio Graph Machine, Electric Steam Iron, Fan Parts, Water Filter Parts, Fuel Pumps, Oil Pumps, Refrigerators Parts, Two Wheelers, Industrial Parts, Dash Board Instruments, Auto Ignition Gas Stove,  Die Cast Components, Engine Parts, Electric Switchgear & Metal Clad Plug, Refrigerator Components, Metal Cams, Washing Machine Parts, Carburetor Parts, Thermostats Components, Voltmeter/Ammeter.


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